user management

When it comes to more than one person using a internet connection, frustration normally arises after a short time that the resources are not used optimally, and thus user management steps in.

The Telephone line can be locked to a certain limit in usage, the same is said for the fax machine, but how do you lock the Internet when the internet itself is not a physical thing ?

We have a management box that allows/restricts every user on the network in the following 3 ways :

Time allowed (ex. 100 minutes per month only)

Data Allowed (ex. 1GB per month only)

Speed(s) allowed (ex. 1mbps download and max 256k upload)

The standard management box is a once off cost of R 3,280 incl. VAT and then R 250 per user added onto it.

Each user has a login name and password, and it is not locked to his/her own laptop or computer or any handheld device that uses the internet, he/she can use this username and password on any device, and then his/her own data/time/speed allocation will be implemented.

We also have a further monitoring solution :

Proxy Server

The Proxy Server controls and manages Internet web traffic. It provides customizable access security, allowing the client to decide which users may have Internet access and at which levels. Apart from standard lists of banned and white listed sites, the client can also maintain its own lists. Full reporting on monthly Internet usage, including sites visited and time spent on the Internet for each user can be provided. All this is done through an easy to use web interface.

The caching feature of the Proxy Server stores the latest information and most frequently visited websites through the BisBox. New requests for the same sites can be retrieved from the BisBox instead of initializing a new query, ultimately reducing bandwidth usage and cost, while significantly increasing performance 

This management box is on a monthly contract with a once-off installation fee depending on the amount of users in the Organization. Please ask us to quote specially for your needs on this.