SCHOOL internet
Free or domain registration, renewal, webhosting and 10 e-mail addresses on our Hetzner Server worth R110 per month.

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No need to worry about telephone lines going down, copper lines being stolen, we got you covered ! 

Telephone Line (VoIP - Voice over Internet)

Rent per month (per line) R 85.00 incl. VAT

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Fax machines connected to a telephone line get billed the same way as voice calls, however, the amount of information can be sent very cost effectively across the mobile and/or IP networks, thereby offering cost savings of up to 50% in the transmission of faxes to clients.

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Mobile internet

This is especially for the “Road Warriors” that need “on the go” internet that works any place in South Africa as long as there is adequate signal. 

We specialize in Vodacom as well as MTN.          

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Shaped & unshaped internet

This is the technology used to determine what type of data is flowing through your modem, and this is used to shape your data stream to a slower or faster stream for special purposes. 

Remember “internet” is just a smart word for all the computers in the world connected to each other, with whatever means necessary, and all sharing the SAME pipeline, so shaping is needed for the ones using the lines for downloading huge files like movies.

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Knowing what is around you the whole time is comforting, but knowing what is going on when you are not there, is a absolute must. 

That is why we also install Cameras.

From small spy cameras, to big long range cameras.

From Cameras that zoom and tilt en pan 360°, to stationary entrance cameras.

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User management

When it comes to more than one person using a internet connection, frustration normally arises after a short time that the resources are not used optimally, and thus user management steps in.

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We have a wide variety of Computers, Laptops, Servers, ThinClients, Printers, Copiers, Toners, Inks, and the like, far too much to mention here. We have been in the IT Industry from 1996 and supplied many schools, private businesses, franchises and corporate bodies with all their IT needs.

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We supply a large range of printers, but the ones we enjoy working with the most is the Brother range of All-in-ones.

We promote 2 ranges because of the cost of operating the machine is so affordable on 2 scenarios :

Cost per page (based on ink usage)

Cost on the environment (electrical wattage used to operate)

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