Cost Benefit

Fax machines connected to a telephone line get billed the same way as voice calls, however, the amount of data sent is relatively small. By converting the faxes to data, the same amount of information can be sent very cost effectively across the mobile and/or IP networks, thereby offering cost savings of up to 50% in the transmission of faxes to clients. The fact that the service may also be wireless also provide benefits, in that fax machines or multifunction devices can be moved easily within an office environment. In addition, all fax to fax traffic on the Pangea network is free, allowing for substantial savings to customers.

Client Manageability

A login will be available for end users to report and view their faxes online.
Cost ?

Fax ATA (which connects to a standard Fax machine) R 1,199 incl. VAT

Monthly Rental (of the fax service) R 150 incl. VAT

Cost per Fax (per second billing) - example

Telkom National (011, 021, 031, 041, 051)

60c per minute

If the fax machine is off, all faxes will be stored on our servers and be delivered as soon as your fax is on again, so no missed faxes!

Fax Number ?

You already have a Telkom number ? No worry, keep it, we can bring it over to our system for a once off fee of R 299 incl. VAT

You don't have a number ? We can give you a geographic number pertaining to your region as the table below shows, or you get a standard 087 number :

  • 041 004 xxxx           -           Port Elizabeth
  • 042 004 xxxx           -           Uitenhage / Somerset East
  • 043 004 xxxx           -           East Londen
  • 044 004 xxxx           -           George
  • 049 125 0xxx           -           Graaff-Reinet / Middelburg / Surrounds
  • 051 004 xxxx           -           Bloemfontein


Can I see or have a log of all the faxed that was sent ?

YES, both!

Our system sends a copy of the fax sent to a email address of your choice, if you don’t have one, we will create one on our system for you (free for the first year), including ALL the pages and the Transmission report, and it also sends the transmission report to your fax machine to verify it is through, and also it shows the cost of the fax!

All in real time !

Why is this service better than a standard fax line ?

1)  Real time reporting showing the exact cost of each fax

2)  A copy of each fax sent is kept in your email so you have full control

3)  The system is prepaid (except for the monthly charge), so no hidden bills

4)  If your fax machine is off, all incoming faxes will be kept for 7 days on our servers
       (And as soon as you switch on the fax machine, all the pending faxes will be Coming through!)

5)  No Landline required, so if you are in a high risk area, no issue!

6)  Works on ANY internet network! Satellite, Wireless, ADSL, 3G, ANY!

7)  Portable! Wherever the Fax Client is, there is your number!