Knowing what is around you the whole time is comforting, but knowing what is going on when you are not there, is a absolute must.


That is why we also install Cameras.

From small spy cameras, to big long range cameras.

From Cameras that zoom and tilt en pan 360°, to stationary entrance cameras.

From wireless in hard to reach places, to smoke detector lookalike cameras.

Even ones that can “see” in total darkness.

We supply and install the lot.


We can even give you viewing access from off-site directly on your Galaxy Tablet or Apple iPhone, even on a laptop or computer (dependant on the internet link speed, and that there is data available) .


Our systems are customized to your needs, and we can set them to record from as little as 1 hour to days or even weeks on end!


As with every house is different to the rest, so is every school and business, so it is nearly impossible to quote on a generic model that will suite everyone’s needs, thus we need to do a mandatory site visit to accurately see what is needed.


The mandatory site visit will be billed as R 350 incl. VAT and R 6.84 incl. VAT per km travelled from Aliwal North and back again.

This fee is refunded if the quotation for the cameras is accepted.


We have a strict policy of payment upfront before any installation commences, and whatever we don’t use that was quoted upon, will be refunded as soon as the installation is finished.